Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 8

Wow what a hotel.  Everyone enjoyed a great breakfast with many cold and hot options!  Everyone truly enjoyed the escalator, elevator and large room and shower at the hotel! The last two hotels have been a little smaller in accomodations.

After a great breakfast, we headed on foot to Thomond Park home of Munster Rugby.  The tour began in the museum which had many interactive parts to it including throwing a rugby ball, reaction time and taking a photo like we were on the field.  After the museum, we were able to see the lockerrooms!  In the home lockkerroom there is an ATR in which we all stopped to take a pic in action! From there we headed out to the pitch to soak up the view from the field level. After several photos later, we finished the tour.
The four in the first row were extra serious!!
Entire group being serous....a common thing for first pic on the trip.
And then there was all sorts of fun!!!

For the afternoon, everyone had free. Most made a trip to Pennys a new favorite of the group! 

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