Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 5 #willourheartsreallygoon

The day started out by waking up at 6 am to report to the lobby by 7 (luckily the triple was not late). At 7 we began our two hour bus ride to Belfast in Northern Ireland.
I spent most of the ride sleeping (not too surprising) while others enjoyed the scenery. 

When we arrived in Belfast, we began our tour of the Titanic museum. This tour explained the process of building the Titanic as well as the tragedy that occurred on April 15, 1912. 

The Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast was responsible for buliding the Titanic and her sister ship the Olympic. During this self-guided tour, we learned about the history of Belfast and the process of buliding the Titanic. It took over three million ribbets and two years to build the Titanic. 

Through the last part of the tour we learned about the sinking of the Titanic. What is most interesting to me was the last few conversations the Titanic had with other ships. 

After the self-guided tour was over, we went out to the actual shipyard where the Titanic was built for a brief photo op. FYI this white girl can't jump. 

We grabbed a quick bite and then headed off to our Black Taxi tour of Belfast. During this tour, we learned about the history of the conflicts between the Catholics "Republicans sort of" and the Protestants "Loyalists sort of". It was a very eye opening experience as we were able to view murals on both sides of the peace wall as well as the peace wall itself. 

We were able to sign the peace wall-E.L.E.

By 2023, the peace wall should be taken down as the conflict has decreased since past years.

We ended the day in Belfast back on the bus for the two hour ride to Dublin. Then it is our last free time in Dublin before heading off to Kilkenny tomorrow. Hello shopping (after my nap on this bus ride).

Happy Days 
-The Ginger 

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