Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 7

How're Ye Doing,

Our seventh day in our Irish escapade began early in the morning in the small town of Kilkenny.  After a night of spooky ghost tours and local pub fun, we hit the road for Midleton.  Midleton is home to the Jameson Disterllery, one of the most successful whiskey makers of our time.  When we arrived we were filled with anticipation for the history and timeline that brought Jameson to where it is today...
Alright we were excited for the taste testing and complimentary drink as well.  We downed our drinks along with a great meal on the Jameson grounds.  I think a few more drinks were in need after the money we spent there. Anyway we left the distillery with new gifts and much smaller bank accounts to head for the Blarney Castle. 

At the castle we enjoyed the beatiful scenery Ireland has to offer as well as more history and culture to go along with it.  We enjoyed touring the caves and lower parts of the castle, and then saw a few spiders and ran away, but got some great photos along the way.  
After finally making it to the castle we only came to realize our work was just beginning.  A very very small winding staircase stood between us and the top of the castle, which held the famous Blarney stone.
 It took a lot of will power, many quadricep contractions and a little complaining to make our way to the top.  Once we did make it we found many more photo op moments and even all got to kiss the Blarney Stone, including Carissa who is trying new things everyday here.  Although the height was a little intimidating we were able to get some great group photos and then... walk all the way back down the castle. Hundreds of steps and quadricep contractions later we got to explore the poison garden and learn about easy ways to make someone you don't like very sick (Just kidding).  It was very interesting to see what these seemingly innocent plants were capable of.  As the exploration went on, we came across many more photo ops, some laughs and sore gastrocs.  

We all were able to walk up and down the wishing stairs with our eyes closed and make a wish that would be granted from the local Blarney witch.  We all made pretty good time, although I think Jaclyn was the slowest.  After leaving the stairs we concluded our trip by seeing a few more scenic areas and having a pint of..... ice cream.  
We are on the bus to Limerick now, which means its nap time.  

Peace out ladies and lads,


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