Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 2 in Ireland

Everyone got to sleep in a bit this morning since breakfast didnt't start until 8am.  One room slept through four alarms and just made it to breakfast.  This morning was the first chance to try a full Irish breakfast which many enjoyed.

After breakfast we headed out to take Taxis to Dublin City University.  Once on campus we met up with 
Physician Noel McCaffey who is the Program Director for DCU's Atheltic Therapy and Training Program.  He brought us to a Medex class in which 50-75 people participated in exercise.  Each person in the class had some kind of cardiac issues.  Noel had the students jump into the class and interact with the patients.  The oldest memeber in the class was 85. Some people were very mobile and others had more of a difficult time. The students participated in about 45 min of exercise with them. The class has been very successful in reducing future cardiac episodes. 

After the medex class, students from DCU's ATT program met up with us.  Everyone interacted with eachother and talked about their program and what they got to do.  They also took us on a tour of their facilities seeing some students studying for their exam.  Currently all the students are studying for their final exams that start next week.  The 5 students we interacted with are 4th years and finishing up their final project which are due tomorrow.  Because of this we only spent a short amount of time with them.

They also showed us their fitness center facilities which were very nice as seen below.  At 11:30 we went to an upstairs gym for a class with patients with Pulmonary conditions.  Since the class was so full, the students did their own thing in the fitness center.  It was great to see so many patients trying to better their health with these medex classes.  Some of the students interacted with patents or fitness instructors.  
One difficult thing for the guys was converting kg to lbs.

Once done with the gym, we took a bus back into the city. Once back to the hotel, it was freetime for the rest of the day.

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