Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 6 #Kilkennyherewecome

Top of the mornin' to yee! Today we are leaving Dublin and on our way to Kilkenny.  Everyone was sure to be packed up and ready to leave before they came down to breakfast.  Our last traditional Irish breakfast at this location contained a fried egg, bacon, sausage, beans, and white pudding.  It was absolutely wonderful!  After breakfast we went out into the town for one last stroll.  The departure from the Maple Hotel was at 11:15a.m.  Once our luggage was packed up on the bus we were on our way to Kilkenny.
The drive was a little over one hour, but what an amazing ride.  The country side of Ireland is beautiful and we were glad to have scenery change.  From the beautiful green rolling hills filled with cows, goats, sheep, and other live stock, to the various colors of flowers and beautiful houses, this adventure keeps getting better!  

We arrived at the Berkeley House in Kilkenny around 1:30p.m.  From here we were able to leve our luggage in a room until it was time to check in.  First on our agenda was to visit the Kilkenny Castle.  This castle was right around the corner from us and it was a beautiful walk.  When we arrived at the castle and as we were walking onto the grounds of the property there is a field of healthy growing green grass that goes out into a distance.  

The castle itself is a wonderful structure and we were able to take a tour around it to see and learn about the history of the Kilkenny Castle and how it was established and the purpose it had in Ireland.  
After our castle tour our stomachs were feeling a wee bit hungry so we went to The Field for some grub.  The food was delicious!  

Once our meal was over the group split up, some went out to explore the town with the little shops and some went on a tour and had the Smithwick's experience.  

Here we were able to see the methods for the production of the beer, the history behind the beer and the continuation of how the beer has been passed along through generations.  It was great!  The group met up again around 8p.m. to head over to Lanigans for our ghost tour.  
This tour took us around the streets of Kilkenny and explained to us about the burnings of witches and the different historical events during that time along with the spirits that have been sighted and talked about for years.  What set the mood for this tour was the awesome witch hat that our tour guide had mentoned would help keep the spirits from following us through the remainder of our time in Ireland and also a cape that we were to wear along our journey.  This tour was great and very interactive!  We then decided to stay at Lanigans for a while longer to see Hooley Nights perform on stage.  

This group not only contained a professional Irish river dancer, but a male and female singing and playing the guitar, piano, flute, and accordion.  Then we went to the Left Bank where we sat and were able to relax a bit before heading back to the hotel for the night.  Today was a fabulous day!  We are all excited for what is in store for us the remander of the trip!!! :) 
Until next time blog readers...HAPPY DAYS!!! -Florida :) (Marlee).

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