Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 4 #CrokeParkShenanigans

After a breakfast consisting of the normal egg, sausage, white pudding, baked beans and toast, we got our day started by heading to Croke Park. 

After finally figuring out how to enter the park, which took longer than expected, we entered the store/visitor center waiting area, where we met our tour guide Stephen. We started the tour out with a movie showing the insanity that occurs on the day of the all Ireland finals. When the movie was finally over, we headed down the tunnel that the athletes enter on their buses.
Once reaching the end of the hallway, we went into the post-game players lounge, where the players come after the game to celebrate with a guest of their choose. This area has a rather large crystal glass chandalier, which was made individually for the Park at Waterford Crystal. It is made of 32 large balls which represent the 32 counties in Ireland, and 70 smallballs which epresent the 70 minutes in the matches. 
After leaving this area, and checking out the locker room full of the various teams jerseys, we got the chance to head out in to the field to the sound of fans cheering.
Now even though there were no fans in the stands, getting the chance to walk the same path that the Gaelic athletes walk before the game, with the sound of thousands of fans cheering was an unforgettable experience. We got an extensive history of the park, and took an amazing amount of pictures.

After the conclusion of the tour, we got ready for the skyline tour of the Park. We met our next tour guide, Derin, who has been working at the park for a while now. Upon recieving the normal safety instructions, we headed up to the top of the park to, what I believe, is the best view of Dublin. We stopped at various platforms that had somewhat of the same view, but at the same time different views of the entire city.

As we made our way around the top of the park, we made it to the viewing platform that looks 17 stories down on to the entirety of Croke Park.
After a traditional O-H-I-O picture with the Buckeye fans in our group, we ended our tour and headed back to our Hotel.
The next stop on our adventure for the day was St. Patricks Cathedral.

We spent a little time here taking pictures, and then headed to Stephens Green.

After causing a frenzy of seagulls, and gettiing some rather interesting pictures, we headed to Grafton Street.
We stopped in a few stores, and stopped in for a Pint at Bruxelles, and then headed to the Temple Bar Area for dinner.
After finishing our dinners, and listening to some awesome live music, both Irish and not, we headed back to the O'Connell street area. We finished the night with a few pints and some good laughs sitting around the table enjoying each others company. Keep an eye out for some interesting times in the following days! 
From Across the Pond,
Marietta (And West Florida) Athletic Training Signing off!

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