Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 11 - #letthegamesbegin

We ate breakfast at 9 in our bed and breakfast in Galway and got ready for the scavenger hunt that Jaclyn and Amber had set up for us. We were split up into two teams: Aj, Carissa and Nikki were on one team while Todd, Marlee, Cierra and I were on the other. We set off around 10 AM and went all over the town of Galway. We found Lynch's Castle, the Promenade, The Spanish Arch, the Galway market, and much more. We talked to several locals and did some goofy stuff along the way. In the end, Carissa/Aj/Nikki pulled off the win, beating us by 4 minutes to the final clue; McDonough's.

We ended our hunt around 12:00PM and then all enjoyed some great fish and chips (minus the picky ones who chose to eat chicken). As we finished up our meals, Marlee decided to jump up and knock a pigeon off the awning. Unfortunately, she literally scared the crap out of the bird and paid the price.
Next, we took a walk over to the National University of Ireland, Galway. We toured the campus, but were restricted in getting into several buildings since the academic year just ended.

We then walked back into town and split up to find different shops. Carissa, Nikki and Cierra walked back to through the market while Aj, Todd, Marlee and I enjoyed some awesome gelato.
We then managed to get lost in the city of Galway for about an hour! Once we found our way back, we took some showers and naps and got ready for dinner. We walked to Garvey's for some pizza, burgers and soccer and then found our way to some popular pubs. Nikki got proposed to and Todd even found himself a German hunny to dance with! 


Galway Scavenger Hunt with pics from each group!!

1. Find the Galway hooker (not to be confused with the popular beverage by the same name!) as well as one other point of interest in this museum. Be prepared to share that interesting tidbit upon completion. ;) 
2. Located on a long street, this popular weekend market sells all sorts of local goods. Purchase something unfamiliar to you that is local to the Irish people and eat it! 

3. We know this word as a dance you might attend senior year of high school while dressed up to the nines. Locals know it as a popular tourist attraction on the seaside.
4. Built in 1584, this popular attraction stands on the left bank of River Corrib. 

5. Find the inner-city public park that houses a bust of a popular former US president and get your photo op on with Mr. Prez
6. Located on the site of a former city jail, this was the last large church in Ireland to be made from stone. Take your picture with the octagonal dome in the background!
7. This princess travels down the river offering scenic views and information to its passengers. No need to take a cruise, but find the launch point. 
8. Find the largest medieval parish church in Ireland! The earliest sections of the church date back to 1320 and Christopher Columbus prayed here in 1477 before embarking upon his search for the new world. 
9. The favorite store of the females on this trip can also be found in Galway! Find something absurd that you likely wouldn’t be caught dead in and throw it on over your clothes for a quick photo op. Don’t get arrested in the process. 
10. Locate a musical entertainer in a pub or on the street and get a photo with them. Be sure to tip them, because nothing in life is free.  

11. Find someone wearing a Claddagh ring for this photo op! Figure out the significance of which way the ring is pointed and get the scoop on the love life of your new Claddagh ring-wearing friend. 
12. A fine example of the fusion of new and old in Galway, this building gets its name from a man who hanged his own son because everyone else refused to participate. Find the infant being held by a popular animal hanging on the wall. 
13. Find your way to the Claddagh Village and take a swan selfie!
14. This small house was the home of the wife of a famous Dublin writer that we learned about on day 1 in Dublin. Take a picture with the door, and if it’s open, go on inside for a look!
15. If you were flying out of Shannon Airport tomorrow at noon, what time would you have to leave to get there, how would you do it, and how much would it cost?
16. Get an Irish local tosay yea yea yea, a common phrase heard in the group.
Not McDonalds,meet at this popular fish restaurant to end the hunt.
1st place
 2nd place

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